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  • Cars October 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

    Veiled promises: Can Chinese cars save Arab women?

    Carwash, China style.

    China has a spotty human rights record, but when it comes to women - the country is one of the world's most liberal. China's girl power is especially evident in the local car industry, where women enjoy special privileges and attention. But overseas, Chinese car brands are increasingly active in markets where women lack basic rights, including the right to drive. This creates an opportunity for China to export liberal attitudes (...and cars) and gain some badly-needed soft power and prestige.  ...Read More

  • Cars May 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

    Mercedes Benz on the prey for China’s young

    GLK, part of the Young Benz line

    China will become Mercedes Benz's largest market by 2015. Earlier this month, the company's Executive VP of Sales & Marketing told Chinese media that the company plans to increase sales in the Middle Kingdom by appealing to young(er) consumers. The German car giant will follow what it calls the Young Benz (年轻奔驰) strategy. The strategy's key idea is to offer young (very) low monthly installments for purchases of car models that appeal to young consumers, including the company's A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, GLK, and smart. In addition, Mercedes Benz will shift its focus from the luxury market of China's first tier cities towards less developed cities in the country's interior and west (in Chinese. here).

  • Cars May 21, 2012 | 0 Comments

    China’s “Green Stimulus”: A boost for homegrown auto brands?

    BYD's E6 electric car and a friend

    Sales for automotives from Geely and BYD have lagged so far in 2012, with domestic demand at 15 year lows for the market as a whole. With the struggles of “new energy” hybrids and electrics during recent years well-documented, last week’s announcement of a new year-long policy aimed at boosting domestic consumption of energy efficient autos and other durable goods comes as no surprise. Approximately 6 billion RMB will be set aside altogether, though consumers looking for a new ride will need to purchase a vehicle with an engine smaller than 1.6 liters. But with 2012 an already tough year for Chinese automakers and consumer reception of hybrid and electric cars lukewarm, wider economic tides and industry specific issues continue to dampen demand. Can we expect new government policy to push sales in the next few quarters, or more of the same? ...Read More

  • Cars, M&A, What's News?
    May 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

    Geely’s international adventures not going smoothly… in China.

    Volvo S40... coming soon.

    Geely, China's largest privately-owned car company, is expanding aggressively overseas. Meanwhile, the Chinese sales of Geely's international brand, Volvo, are hit due to supply chain delays on the mainland. Geely plans to invest USD 40 million to build a new factory in Uruguay. The factory will open within six months and its output, Geely cars, will be exported to Argentina. The move aims to circumvent Argentina's import limitations, and allow Geely greater access to that country. As international expansion goes, Geely is the most aggressive of China's auto companies. ...Read More

  • Cars, Lifestyle
    May 3, 2012 | 1 Comments

    Luxury Weekly: LVMH, Richemont, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Infinity

    The Infinity LE concept of luxury electric

    When China's nouveau-riche go shopping for a new car, "the most expensive is the best," reports the Boston Globe. Luxury auto-makers from Mercedes-Benz to Cadillac to Japan's Infiniti understand that. They are designing new models for Chinese tastes to satisfy the tens of thousands of new millionaires. (Boston Globe) The luxury retail landscape in Paris is evolving, thanks to the recent influx of high-end shopping tourists from China and other parts of Asia. Now that luxury brands in Paris are selling better than ever, companies like Richemont, which owns Cartier and Montblanc, and LVMH are setting up shop in areas of the city that never had high-end retail before, but where they can get the floor space they need. (The Wall Street Journal) ...Read More


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