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  • e-Commerce, Trends
    June 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

    Retail Megatrends: Online Rise, Foreign Fall

    China: center of retail universe

    Retail in China increasingly means online retail. So says the “China Retail 100”, a report produced by the China General Chamber of Commerce. 2012 was the first year the report took account of online retail and the results were revealing: sales from China’s largest online retailers grew 113% faster than offline retail, with nearly half (49.6) of all retail sales growth in 2012 generated online (more in Chinese here). When that number crosses 50% in 2013, who stands to profit? ...Read More

  • e-Commerce, Electronics
    December 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

    Strategic map: Baidu’s path to mobile relevance

    Lenovo's new Bai-Phone.

    China's leading online search giant is in trouble. While Tencent dominates social media, Alibaba controls retail and online payments, and Qihoo makes headway in mobile search, Baidu looks inert. For half a decade, the search giant was the gateway to China's online world. These days, traffic behind the great firewall is increasingly determined by mobile, social, and vertical search. Baidu hopes that a mobile hardware offering would enable it to regain lost ground. But  the company's real challenge—and opportunity—lies elsewhere on the map.  ...Read More

  • e-Commerce, Wellness
    November 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

    Poke: Building a sex-toy empire on China’s Weibo

    Ma Jiajia and a friend.

    China's students have been at the forefront of various revolutionary movements, rallying for and against foreign ideologies and scolding their compatriots for taking too few or too many liberties. When it comes to the country's current sexual revolution, students contributed a fair share of the action but so far failed to provide intelectual leadership. But things are starting to change: Over the past few weeks, a young lady of 22 has risen to social media fame, providing online guidance and opinion on all things sexual. Unlike past revolutionaries, she is guided by mundane passions, trying to turn her tiny campus sex shop into a national e-Commerce empire.  ...Read More

  • e-Commerce, Entertainment
    November 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

    Scratching: e-Commerce and China’s state lottery

    China Sports Lottery. Feeling lucky?

    In China, the fastest way to get rich is to do business with the government. For a few, this means dealing with powerful relatives or classmates; for most everyone else, it means playing the government-run Welfare and Sports Lotteries. Created in the mid-80s to bolster state welfare programs, the lotteries were an ideological break of sorts for a Communist government that previously banned all forms of gambling. Even with government monopolies in place, the government turns a blind eye to informal, local lotteries. But China's e-Commerce giants are now pushing the boundaries, setting up popular, nationwide lottery distribution channels, often without official approval. ...Read More

  • Apparel, e-Commerce
    November 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

    Uniqlo vs. Vancl: Winning the online war, offline

    Vancl's down jackets. Fleeced?

    Vancl is one of China's most popular fast fashion brands. The company relies on a unique online-only sales model and cheeky designs that target China's post 1980s/1990s consumers. At the core of Vancl's original popularity is an ability to compete with international brands like Uniqlo and H&M on style, while undercutting them on pricing and distribution costs. But Vancl's initial success tempted it to enter new segments and open its platform to other brands. Meanwhile, local delivery and manufacturing prices kept rising. Now, Uniqlo is the one cutting prices, pushing Vancl to a price war that calls into question the viability of the online-only retailing model. ...Read More


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